Prudential Ride 100 recap

The finish line / helmet hair!

So its been a while and I have been finding that my time has been limited in keeping up with regularly blogging. I used to always find a cheeky time in the afternoon at work to quickly jot 5 minutes worth of thoughts down but over the past year that has not happened as my work commitments have increased and the last thing I want to do when I get home or at the weekend is sit at my laptop. As mentioned in previous posts I have considered deleting this blog but so much has happened on here that I feel this blog is a part of me and I do miss writing. So the blog stays and I challenge myself to shift some of my priorities to make time for blogging and frankly a better lifestyle.

So what has happened since May in my last post? Well I am delighted to say I completed the Prudential Ride 100 at the end of last month. My training mainly consisted of spin classes and was sketchy, as in June I was away for a week with work and then on holiday for two weeks, but I did it, even with only two actual training rides in Richmond Park and even then my mileage in training was only 30 miles! Also it was only the weekend prior to the race that I brought clip shoes and pedals. So it was a challenge that had me really worried and to say I felt nervous and sick at the start line was understatement! Riding a bike at speed is something that scares me as I feel quite unconfident and my start was quite slow. (Plus I was worried about being clipped in on my bike). The first 20 miles were slow as I got to grips with my bike as well as preserve my energy. Once I hit Richmond Park my speed increased as I met up with my friends Alice and Robb.

Unfortunately I did get stuck behind a nasty accident in Surrey and for a time was stopped while the injured was airlifted to hospital. However, that aside everyone was very considerate and upbeat and I think we were all thankful to be able to still be a part of the race. The surrey leg of the course was fantastic, the hills were a challenge but fun and the section entering Kingston and Wimbledon was amazing. The crowds were so encouraging and from that point my confidence built and my speed actually increased. I even found myself powering up Wimbledon Hill despite my legs screaming in tiredness. The buzz of riding through parts of London that I have lived or worked in on closed roads was electrifying. Cycling downhill in Putney was exciting and going along the Thames through Chelsea up to Westminster and onto the Mall well and truly took my breath away. As I cycled up to finish line I found myself holding back the tears as I had done it. Along with the triathlon this finish felt emotional and it was a huge boost. It was a great reminder that I can do these things and for the first time in a long time it made me think and want to reconnect with my original pleasure, running. So watch this space. Kate is planning a running comeback!


Training recap – w/c 9/5

So last week was week 1 of 12 in the lead up to my 100 mile cycle. Training went quite well. I completed 3 spin classes and had a 60 min PT session which focused on my legs and core (and boy I felt sore afterwards)!

Last weekend I was mean’t to ride in Richmond Park, but in the end I was house hunting – looking into new areas to move too as me and my husband plan on making the move out of the big smoke. However, I do intend on cycling in the park this weekend as I am keen to get out on my bike, rather than just hitting the spin classes at the gym.

Here are my training stats for last week:

  • Mon – Spin class. 45 min. Cals 437. 11.5 miles covered. RPM 80-95. Avg heart rate 151
  • Tue – Rest day
  • Wed – Spin class. 45 mins. Cals 400. 11.5 miles covered. RPM 80-90. Avg heart rate 158
  • Thurs -(Virtual) Spin class. 30 mins. Cals 270. 13.5 miles covered. RPM 95-100. Avg heart rate 155
  • Fri – PT session inc burpees, plank, deadlifts, weighted squats. Cals 302. Avg heart rate 120.
  • Sat – House hunting
  • Sun – Rest day

This week’s training has been good so far, which I will recap here next week and hopefully I can also chuck in some pictures of Richmond Park too!

2016 – New challenge entered

Time to dust off the road bike

Hello long time no speak!

So after pretty much not doing anything last year challenge / fitness wise I am back! I have set myself a new challenge and one that requires me to get my head down and work hard to complete. I have entered the Prudential Ride 100. I am riding on behalf of a charity called Womankind (who do fantastic work campaigning for equality for women all over the world) and will be riding with my friend Alice, my inspiration for starting this blog three years ago and complete a triathlon.

I am not going to lie the thought of riding 100 miles scares me a lot. I have not rode my bike since my triathlon two years ago and my fitness levels are not at all where they should be. What scares me the most is that the bike part of my triathlon training was my weakest so this challenge definitely takes me out of my comfort zone.

This week marks 12 weeks until the sportive and the official start of my training. I am using the Cycling Plus beginners plan as guide but given that Monday- Friday I am work and commuting in London to work on my bike doesn’t really appeal to me (it’s too busy for my liking and my route into work via Stockwell, Elephant & Castle and London Bridge is grim), so, I plan on doing 3 spin classes during the week, with longer rides in Richmond Park at the weekend. I am also seeing a trainer once week for cross training and plan to try and throw in a walk / swim or run once week to help build up my fitness and reduce my weight after my lazy 2015.

Like my triathlon training I will recap everything here and I have to say after a year of feeling lost and unmotivated, it feels good to be back and re-focused! Hurrah!

Kate the sloth!

L-A-Z-Y !

Hi everyone. Firstly I want to apologise for the inconsistent blogging. I could make excuses about not having time, being busy and so on, but frankly I have not really had or felt like I’ve had anything really worth posting about.

Since last year’s triathlon my training has been all over the place. Planning for my wedding and the nature of my job at the end of last year took over things and really since then I have not had the motivation to do much in the way of exercise. I mean I have been running and spinning but not seriously. The weight I lost last summer is back on although I am working the pounds back off slowly again.

Truthfully I feel a bit lost in myself. I cannot seem to get my a@*e into gear at all. Without sounding like self pity I am just really struggling to engage myself into the things I have previously really enjoyed doing. My fitness levels could be way better and I constantly tell myself every evening ‘tomorrow I will wake early and do some exercise / organise myself before work’ and yet the alarm goes, I hit snooze and sleep more as I wake up feeling shattered. (Although mornings have never been a strong point for me). My lack of motivation is even spreading to not doing simple chores at home. My flat is messy and I have become unorganised – something which isn’t usually me at all. I normally pride myself on a tidy and clean home and being super organised. These days I am literally waking up and taking each day as it comes. No planning, just nothing other than getting up, doing to work, eating and sleeping.

So I am going to say it, I have become LAZY!

Definition of me

I have become inactive, a plodder, I am slow and I feel heavy and dull. I am LAZY.

Actually writing this post is proving to be quite helpful.  No one wants to be labelled or actually find they fit the definition of lazy do they?! I need to buck up my ideas, stop mopping about and feeling sorry for myself. I know that, and I guess by sharing this with you all its my way of making myself accountable. Time to take the bull by the horn and get on with life. So firstly I think the challenge for me right now (as my blog is challenge Kate) is to become proactive with my life and the rest should hopefully fall into place.

If any of you read this post and read it all they way down to here – thank you and I apologise for the self pity, lazy discovery. However, do any of you have periods where you feel this way? I would be interested to know.

Run recap: Great Newham London 10K

So yesterday i took part in my first race of 2015. I ran the Great Run, Newham London. The route was around the Olympic park taking in the sites and finishing with a lap in the actual stadium. I have to say it was definitely was something finishing the final lap in the stadium in front of the crowd and in the same place as Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Jessica Enis. It felt quite special. As you run into the stadium and look up, something inside says speed up, you’ve got this.

Overall I found the run quite difficult. My running has been very inconsistent this year and my fitness levels are not great. Yesterday’s run was a mixture of running and some walking. I felt good for the first 4k but got very uncomfortable as I headed into the 6k mark. I was thankful to pause for a water stop at 6k but that pause also mean’t that 6-9k was a run / walk /run until the final kilometer. After all, no one wants to be the walker on the same track where super Saturday happened! My final kilometer was fast as I wanted to look strong, but another part of me just wanted it to be over, so I was thankful when I did cross line as I felt very tired. My overall finish time was better than I thought it would be (it was not my slowest 10k) but it was not as good last year when I could run the same distance in under an hour.

The race also allowed me to use my new Tom Tom multi sports watch, which was great as I didn’t need to hold my phone to track my run. The watch simply synced with my Nike + afterwards (see below). Very happy with that purchase as I hate having to hold my phone running. So now I don’t have too. 🙂

Run report

Couch to 5k run update 


hot and sweaty afterwards!

Today’s run /walk went well today. The sun was shining and boy was it warm! It felt good to be outside working on my fitness. The couch to 5k session today felt a bit too easy so instead of walking for the 5min warm up, I ran and I also ran for part of the 5 min cool down. For the shorter run bursts, I ran faster and it felt good having the energy for turning the session into a bit of an interval one.  I really hope come the end of eight weeks I will be back up to speed with running 5k more comfortably. 

Run update


getting my run on!
could be better, but could be worse!
but I did it!

So today I completed week 3 of the Couch to 5k and it was good to get outside in the spring sunshine! I’m definitely back in the ‘beginner’ category of running but this app is perfect for me getting my running mojo back. Bring on week 4!! 

Couch to 5K

Rock Tape Feet

So to get myself back into running I have started on the couch to 5k program and I would have to say this little app is really encouraging and fantastic for getting back into running! My fitness levels are quiet poor but I’ve started at week three (as weeks one and two are a bit too easy) but I am enjoying getting back out into the sunshine running. The app designed over an eight week training program, aiming to get you out running three times a week for around 20 /30  minutes, slowly building you up by running and walking so that you can eventually run three miles non-stop.  I’ve never been good at the fartlek techinque, I normally just try and increase the time and hopefully the distance I run, so having the app tell me when when to run and walk is great as I find that I seem to push myself more during the ‘run’ sections.

However, I have noticed that an old running issue I have, plantar fasciitis is rearing its ugly head, but I have been taping up the soles of my feet to help while running, which seems to be working – the problem of being slightly heavier than I should be! Superdrug sell a specialist tape called Rock Tape that comes in some bright colours but its fantastic as it stays in place for 4-5 days and really assists in taking away some of the discomfort. I am trying to be careful not to push too much as while i want to run, loose weight and get fitter, I don’t want want to give myself an unnecessary injury!

As the sun is out I will report back later with how today’s run has gone!


Training I am coming back!

So its been pretty much 7 months since last my last post. For a while I’ve wanted to check in and write that I am still alive, but towards the end of last year so much other stuff took over that posting on here simply got pushed further and further back.

Disappointingly the journey I was on with my training and improving my fitness stopped as I allowed work and wedding planning to take over. For sometime now I have wondered what to write as my comeback post and had got to the point where I had been wondering whether to delete this blog altogether.

I started Challenge Kate to document my training for my first triathlon which I completed last year just before my last post. Yet, reading back through the posts it would seem like a sad thing to simply delete something that meant and still means a lot too me. Reading through the posts I remember the journey and how amazing it felt to complete something that seemed so unimaginable nearly two years ago. I remember not being able to sleep after completing my first triathlon as my mind whirled with ‘I did it, I really did it.’ I felt really happy.

From reading through all my past posts I’ve decided that I can’t just give up. I need to dust myself off and resume with my training and improving my fitness. I need to pick up on the momentum I gained last August.

Annoyingly I will be starting from the beginning in terms of my fitness levels but I do have one thing under my belt in that I’ve done it once and can most certainly do it again and should aim to do it better!