Training I am coming back!

So its been pretty much 7 months since last my last post. For a while I’ve wanted to check in and write that I am still alive, but towards the end of last year so much other stuff took over that posting on here simply got pushed further and further back.

Disappointingly the journey I was on with my training and improving my fitness stopped as I allowed work and wedding planning to take over. For sometime now I have wondered what to write as my comeback post and had got to the point where I had been wondering whether to delete this blog altogether.

I started Challenge Kate to document my training for my first triathlon which I completed last year just before my last post. Yet, reading back through the posts it would seem like a sad thing to do. Reading through the posts I remember the journey and how amazing it felt to complete something that seemed so unimaginable nearly two years ago. I remember not being able to sleep after completing my first triathlon as I my mind whirled with ‘I did it, I really did it.’ I felt really happy.

From reading through all my past posts I’ve decided that I can’t just give up. I need to dust myself off and resume with my training and improving my fitness. I need to pick up on the momentum I gained last August.

Annoyingly I will be starting from the beginning in terms of my fitness levels but I do have one thing under my belt in that I’ve done it once and can most certainly do it again and should aim to do it better!

Last nights run home

10k DONE!

10k DONE!

Last night I was determined to get my run home completed – come rain or shine. Thankfully the rain finally let up and I managed to complete my 10k run in under an hour. My pace was a consistent 9 1/2 min mile not the fastest but not too shabby either. However, I felt quite tired and realised that I wasn’t very well hydrated – rookie error I know, its amazing how much better you can run when you have drunk the right amount of water- but all in all happy I am to have completed it.

Tonight is a spin class which I feel will be hard after being lazy yer again last week. I am determined to be better this week.


Get back to it!

This week has turned into a bit of an nothingness week exercise wise. The week started on a high in that I finally had a better 10k run, then Tuesday my swim never happened. I woke up late and simply decided to slack it off. Not a great attitude but I felt so tired when my alarm went off at 6am that I managed to end up sleeping soundly for another 90 mins before having the ‘cr*p I am late for work rush around!’ Wednesday I regained my mojo and went spinning which was brutal, but I am totally loving my local spin class. Sophie the instructor is fantastic, she has so much energy and really makes you work but at the same you can see that she is really working herself too. Then Thursday I felt tired and very achy and again there was no swim. No excuse other than laziness on my side. So, today I made myself go out for a 5k run at lunch, as I have spent all week just sat at my desk, not really moving around and as well as not moving, I have been eating more than I should. *Doh!

Instead of beating myself up I think I will give myself this week off (we’re all allowed a week off and my boyfriend seems happier in that I have been home at a normal time and that we have actually socialized together). Next week I need to get back into the routine properly – being active and getting back into the pool as well as eating better – as my next challenge is buying a wedding dress for my wedding in November. I am now officially 12 weeks out from my wedding and I have the final 7lbs to loose!

New trainers

New Runners – Nike Lunarglide

I have treated myself to some new trainers and wow after wearing them for last night’s run, I realised that I have been running for a quite a while in worn out shoes! I felt like I was running on air! Very happy with these babies, even if they are a bit bright. :)

Finally a better 10K


Getting my running legs on!

After a number of weeks of the most dismal longer runs, last night I had a more successful run home from work. :) 10k is a distance that  I can do, albeit not the fastest but I have enough stamina to complete. But of late its been beyond crappy.

I try to do this distance once a week and then do shorter 5k runs during the week. The 5k runs are fine, yet recently when I get 2 1/2 miles into my 10k run home, my body hurts, my legs ache and my mind says no. For a number of weeks on my run home I have found myself getting to Chelsea bridge then walking across it and from there my run becomes a mixture of running and walking. By the time I get to Clapham Common the last mile becomes so slow a tortoise can pass me at speed. It been quite a confidence knock and I have been wondering for a while on what to do.

So last nights run was just the boost I needed. I completed the 10k in 55 mins and the only stopping was at traffic lights. Hurrah! While last nights run might have been a fluke, I have also downloaded the 10k runner app to practice – whilst designed to get you to a 10k distance, I am thinking it might help me in building up my stamina / speed as well as mentally helping me get through the ‘I cannot do this moments’. Here’s hoping my 10k mojo returns permanently!

Your First Triathlon in Four Hours A Week


I wish I stumbled on this when I started my triathlon training last year. Although what is set out here is not too dissimilar to my training schedule this year (feeling better about it now). Its very practical for anyone who has lots of time constraints!

Originally posted on First Time Triathlete:

Tv no

Have you seen people in a triathlon, and thought I would like to try that, but I don’t have the time? It seems everyone is increasingly busy, and time is a precious resource. An event that involves three different sports sounds like huge time commitment. What if you could complete your first triathlon, and change your lifestyle in two months using only four hours a week?

Most people can carve out four hours a week to do something they really want to do. The current Neilsen ratings say the average person watches four hours of TV a day, or 28 hours a week. Would you be willing give up one day of TV for a healthier lifestyle?

Now we got the excuses out of the way, lets get down to business. How can I be ready to race a Tri in the two months in only four hours, a week?

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First Triathlon – DONE!

London Triathlon

Such a happy feeling!

On Saturday I completed my first ever triathlon. I took part in the London Triathlon doing my first sprint distance race and whilst I wasn’t too worried about a time (the aim was to get around the course without collapsing) I managed to complete it in 1:58 which was much better than I thought I could ever do!

I am so happy with that time as my training was not the best – I swam, but I only ever managed one to two swims a week and I never swam for more than 30 minutes at a time. My first proper open water swim didn’t happen until 4 days before the event! My bike only made it out twice and I had only completed 8 spinning classes since the end of May. The only consistent training was my running. So as I entered the docks to the swim start line I was beyond worried about actually being able to make to the finish line, but as the klaxon sounded and the swim got underway the adrenaline kicked in and my worries disappeared.

The swim was 1 lap and I started off strong but was aware I was going a bit too quickly, so halfway around I changed from a front crawl to a breast stroke for a bit to catch my breath and pace myself. Coming out of the swim I felt tired and wobbly, worrying about whether I had the endurance to get through the next two sections but once I got to my bike and got my shoes on, those thoughts passed and my mind focused on what I needed to do.

I was very anxious about the bike section as I did minimal training, but I loved it. The course was wide and thankfully mainly flat with just a couple of hills, which my legs could power up quite quickly. I was overtaken by a lot of people but I did overtake lots too! According to my boyfriend and friends I looked fast on the bike and I felt fast and controlled. I was worried that I would be too slow and I was nervous about the other cyclists but everyone was very friendly and as I entered back to T2 I sad that the bike leg was over.

My T2 was a lot quicker than my T1 as I already had my running gear on. But if I thought my legs were wobbly coming out of the swim, they felt numb on starting the run. The first lap was hard as my body was tense and tight from the bike section but it eased it off during the second lap. It was only then that the tiredness hit and I really slowed up, but knowing that I was nearing the finish line I ploughed through and managed to pick up my pace to cross the line.

Crossing the line felt fantastic all that went through my mind was a feeling of pure excitement – I did it, I actually completed my first triathlon! I wanted to scream it and jump up and down but I kept my composure and spent the rest of  Saturday evening and all of yesterday grinning like the Cheshire cat! It still feels amazing and I feel so happy. When I think back to a year ago I was so inspired by my friend who completed it (she has since gone onto complete another 4 triathlons and has moved from the sprint to the Olympic distance as well as enter a 100 mile bike event) that I started this blog and was prepping myself to sign-up for it. Despite my patchy training it has been an amazing journey and it feels like one of the best personal achievements I done. So now the question is this – what’s next for Challenge Kate?

My Try at a Triathlon: 5 Unexpected Life Lessons

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While enjoying lunch on a Thursday with my friend, Amy, she dropped this bombshell: “Hey, I’m doing a triathlon this Saturday.  You should join me.” “This Saturday?  As in day after tomorrow?”…